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A+X 001 - Avengers + X-Men

Batgirl (New 52) x 2

Batman: The Adventures Continue, Animated Series Grey Cover

Batman (New 52) x 3

Batwoman (Rebirth)

Black Panther x 3

Rise of the Black Panther

Black Widow x 2

Civil War II x 2

Darth Vader x 2

Disney COMICS x5

Doctor Strange

The Flash (The price of innocence)

Ghost Rider

Guardians of the Galaxy (Purple Stars Logo)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Red Logo)

Gwenpool, the Unbelievable

Hawkeye, All-New x 4

New Avengers, The Heroic Age x4

The Immortal HULK

Jem and the Misfits

Jem (pink border) x3

Justice League United (New 52)

Livewire x 20

The Marvels Project (Variant Edition 01)

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel

Obi-Wan & Anakin

Planet of the Apes Ursus (Supercon Variant)  x 2

Princess Leia x3

Rick and Morty x5

Scooby Apocalypse

Secret Invasion (Marvel variant edition, black box edge)

Secret Wars  x 10

Silk  (red highlights only, newsprint blank) x 2


The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Legacy x 2

The Amazing Spider-Man x 2

Suicide Squad

Supergirl  (Plain)

Supergirl (Rebirth)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe



Edge of Venom Verse (Blue Line Edge)

The Walking Dead, 150: Betrayed

Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier x 2

Wonder Woman #58

Marvel NOW! Young Avengers


Supplies are limited. To place an order email Payment through Paypal ( or Venmo (@Tana-Ford). Delivery of artwork is 30-60 days after purchase. 

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